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Error 1017 and mapped drive backup only with a script

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Hello everybody.




I'm a new user of retrospect 6.5.319 single server. I had to install this on a workstation because my server couldn't accept the DAT backup device.




When I make a manual backup of the mapped HD everything goes well. It's when I use a script that it gives me a 1017 error can't access volume User Folders on (...), error 1017 insufficient permissions .




I search this forum for an answer and saw others with this problem. I think I found a solution but I still need a little help. I'm going to quote natew (thanks)









In Settings->preferences->security enter the following in the "run Retrospect as" fields.




Username = Administrator of _the_computer_running_Retrospect_


Password = Corresponding password


Logon to = local machine name or domain name




I think this will clear things up.













My problem is that I don't know what to put in "logon to". I tried WORKGROUP and the ip of my server. I always get "incorrect connection informations". When I put nothing it tells me "impossible to set priviledges...."




Could you please help me specify what to put here? Thank you very much for any input.




Have a nice weekend

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