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Restore - Find Files pattern match problem

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I am having the devil of a time finding files to restore. I am using Retrospect Multiserver v7.0.301, with update I am trying to find files in a folder called "Monthly Reporting" located on several servers. The full path is:


<servername>\Data\Public\Monthly Reporting\<filename>.xls


The same directory is on five servers and I wish to review the files backed up from each server. On two servers, there exists "Monthly Reporting 2003", "Monthly Reporting 2004", etc. I don't wish to use "*Monthly Reporting*" as that will give me too many results (many folders named "Monthly Reporting" exist elsewhere other than "Public").


When I try to use a pattern match of "*Public\Monthly*", no files are listed. However, if I search by individual filename, the files are listed (I know they are there to restore), exactly stored where I expected. I have tried switching the "\" to "/" and to "?" but no luck.


I am very familiar with "regular" expressions, which is what this seems to be modeled after but I am having no luck. The other weird thing is the progress dialog shows several matches while searching but then shows no files when the search completes (???).


Thanks in advance.


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