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Sony AIT-4 tape drives (non-library models)

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I know I am going to be slammed for asking this question this way but I will do it anyway:


If Dantz shows Retrospect 6.0 (Mac OS X 10.4.x) latest device list shows support for Sony AIT-4 libraries

[specifically the Sony StorStation AIT Library LIB-162 (AIT-4 version)], will Retrospect 6.0 (Mac OS X) also

work with an external AIT-4 drive (AITe520S)? I know it hasn't been tested but is there a technical reason it

wouldn't work as long as I use a Retrospect-supported ATTO UL3 or UL4 SCSI card?


My situation is I need to back up 5 Mac OS X systems (10.3.9 & 10.4.x) with daily backup set sizes of 120 GB to

180 GB networked at Gigabit Ethernet speeds. Hence I am investigating the AIT-4 line of external tape drives

for capacity reasons. 2 x 2.0GHz DP G5s, 2 x 500MHz G4s, 1 x 1.5 GHz PB G4



Craig Dudley

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