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Can I restore my entire backup to a different computer?


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Excuse me for asking something so simple minded, but my notebook died, and I got a new notebook with the same XP OS, and I'd like to restore my entire backup onto the new notebook.


Can I do that? Are there things in the registry that wouldn't want to get over-written during the process? Do I need emergency restore disks (which I didn't make)?


Thanks very much for your help.

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The answer is Maybe.


First - if you decide to try to restore your new notebook using the backup set from your previous notebook, you should backup any data you would be sorry if it was lost.


Key issue in trying to restore your new notebook with the backup set from your previous notebook is how many hardware devices are different in your new notebook vs the previous one.


You don't need an emergency restore disk - but the service pack level of the backup MUST be the same level as the OS that's installed on your new notebook.


Assuming the service level is the same, you can go ahead and restore the your new notebook with the backup set you created from your previous notebook.


BUT - when Retrospect has finished the restore, but HAS NOT rebooted, shut it down.

Boot the new notebook from a WinXP install CD and choose the Repair install [not repair from recovery console]. After the repair install has completed, your new notebook should have all the applications/data from your old PC.


However, it may be as easy/easier to just install any applications you want on the new notebook and restore any files/data you created/saved on the previous notebook.

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