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Travan spits out every tape

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I've been backing up daily with Retrospect Pro 6.5.319 on Windows XP for a couple of years. Then about 2 months ago I went on vacation. Since I've been back, I haven't been able to back up. Every time I put in a tape Retrospect spits it back out.




Here's what happens. I have a daily backup script. It runs and comes up with the dialog "Backup Set A" which says "Please select a new tape...It will be named '1-Backup Set A' (About 5.8 GB remaining to store)." The Status tab clearly shows the Seagate Travan drive, with status "No media," location "USB T:0" and "empty."




This is the same dialog I've been seeing for years.




When I put in the tape, any tape, it churns on it for about 5 minutes, making lots of Travan-drive-type noises, which are normal, and then it ejects the tape. The dialog is unchanged. No warnings or messages of any kind appear.




I have tried fiddling with the preferences on tape handling, to no avail. What's weird is that before I went on vacation, putting in a tape would cause it to churn for a minute and then ask me if I wanted to erase the tape and name it "1-Backup Set A" and I would just click OK and it would go on.




Now that doesn't happen. What am I doing wrong? I can't figure out if this is a hardware issue, a tape issue, or a Retrospect/software issue. I've tried a bunch of tapes, all of which were already in use (don't have any totally unused ones) but ALL of which worked fine and have been working fine for months. It treats all tapes the same.




I've also noticed that anything else I try to do with tapes, such as adding a tape to a backup set, or just putting one in while Retrospect is running, it always does the same thing as described above. I can never get to the point where the tape is visible and clickable in the window, it always just goes "busy..." for about 5 min then spits it out with no error message.




Thanks for any ideas.




-Scott Runkel

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I clean it (using the Certance cleaning tape) after about every 8 hours of usage, as recommended. This normally translates to cleaning it once prior to our big backup on Friday night, and then once before the Monday backup. I'm religious about this. Most recently, I cleaned it the day I posted my question. And prior to that, I cleaned it a number of weeks ago when it first started spitting out the tapes.



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