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Autoloader - Library Problems

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I have a Exabyte 215M connected to my Apple G4/ DP 500 MHZ with OEM Apple LVD card from Atto. When I launch Retrospect 4.3 in classic mode (9.2.2) , Retrospect can see the autoloader and the "loader" tab can be selected. I can select all 15 tapes.


When I launch Retrospect 5.0.2 in classic or OS X (10.1.4) mode, Retrospect will recgonize that a device exists on SCSI 4(drive) and SCSI 2(loader), but the loader tab is greyed out and I can't select any tapes. It just states "No media". Retrospect can see the drive in the Device Status window and labels it Exabyte Mammoth DC (1.35). It also recognizes the autoloader as Exabyte 215, but after the version number it states (No Driver).


I have update all software and restarted many times and the problem exists.


Is this a bug? I have seen posts about autoloaders in this forum.

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