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Problems in seeing Maxtor One Touch device - help please!!!!


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Hi - newbie to this forum here - so my apologies if topic has been covered elsewhere. Any information gratefully accepted.


I purchased a Dell system earlier this year and decided to impliment a backup process. Purchased a Maxtor One touch back up that came bundled with Restrospect 6. Installed it and all worked well. Backups etc happended. Entire system crashed last week - and after some time I reluctantly agreed to a reinstallation of the windows operating systeem. It appears that the tech did this from a generic version of XP rather than from the XP disks supplied and branded by Dell. Now wanting to restore heaps of data, but Retrospect cannot find the Maxtor device.


I have installed Restrospect, reinstalled, deletted and re-re-reinstalled all to no effect. I did catch one post that seemed to suggest that will the application of XP patches, and Retrospect upgrade may be necessary.


frown.gifAny help, guidance or assistance is appreciated.





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Hi John

This is not an answer, but another user with the same problem. I used the Retrospect Disaster Recovery Disk created after the Backup to restart XP and reinstall the OS. However, I can not see the USB HDD in Windows nor will the program access it. Even reinstalling XP and Retrospect does not help.

I noticed there is no answer to your question. Did you have any success with this problem?



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