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Anyone have scripts to scan and filter the log?

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When workstation security settings are to be saved, Retrospect issues warnings/errors about files/folders that have been selected to be excluded from the backup. And I think it issues errors/warnings about excluded files if a snapshot is being created, too.


This is a real pain. I really don't care about problems with items I'm not backing up. I only care about problems with items I am backing up.


Has anyone written a script or program which can scan the Retrospect log and filter out the messages about items that aren't being backed up? I guess what I have in mind is a script/program that takes a time range and reports only on "real" problems that occurred in that time range. (Using, for example, a text file of rules -- maybe regular expressions? -- of what to exclude.)


I could use this to send myself an email at the end of the overnight backup telling me if any "real" problems occurred. That way I wouldn't have to check the logs manually.

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I wish there was a way to customize what is emailed as an alert. If it's asking for media, I want that message right away. But during the backup if a non-fatal error occurs, I don't want a message for each one.


Right now I'm working on a php script that traps each email and determines fatal/non-fatal before forwarding to my phone. Though I absolutely love the retrospect software, the email feature is severely lacking. I am using version retrospect 6.5.


Ben Menking

IT Security Consulting

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Regarding customizing the email alerts, have you looked at the "Email Notifier" batch file in the "External Scripts" folder that comes with version 6.5? I customized it so that it would email "waiting for media" messages to the people in different offices who were responsible for managing media and send the other messages just to me.


It also sent a version of the log whenever you stopped proactive backup. I'm sure you could modify it to filter out events you weren't interested in or to send the log at a certain time interval.


Unfortunately, I had to stop using it after upgrading to version 7, because it kept crashing Retrospect whenever a script reached its stop time. I haven't taken the time to convert the batch file into another scripting language. I read another post here that VBS is supposed to be less problematic.

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