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HELP>>>HELP- Need some serious help..............please???


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Hello, I posted the other day about not being about to delete restore points using the Express HD software. I got no responses so I tried to uninstall everything and reinstall.

I have a Maxtor OneTouch II 200GB drive by the way.


I reinstalled everything and it then seemed to delete the restore points (they had error in them so I wanted to take them off) and then if said it was << reclaiming disk space>> then an error came up about this <<tbuffer.cpp-373>> and would I like to send a report to Dantz. I clicked yes, it went away and came back about 10 seconds later. I just kept coming and coming and would not stop. If is not a file because I search all my drives and the CD and it did not show up. I have no clue what it is/was.


Since I did not want this error popping up all day long, I decided to do another uninstall/reinstall the software and reconnect the hard drive. I then go the exact same message. By this time I was going nuts so I uninstalled the Express HD and from reading some posts, I head that a version 6 was on the CD so I installed that. I don't like the software (I like things simple as this was supposed to be!!) but it did back up my hard drives. Seems to work in a totally different way. I also downloaded the update to that version and installed that sucessfully.


Today, my computer will not recognize the drive!! What the heck is going on here. I go into device manager and it says it is working properly but there is no information from it. Something is really wrong. I shut down the drive, pulled out the USB cable, and reinserted it..............nothing changed. I restarted the computer twice.........nothing changed.


If anyone out there can please direct me as to what to do next I would greatly appreciate it. I am ready to take the whole thing back to Besy Buy and try another brand (except I have all of my ipod music on the drive and don't want to lose it).


Please help if you can. Thanks in advance.


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