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Newbie to Express HD and cannot delete restore points manually


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I bought the Maxtor OneTouch II yesterday and all went well with the installation. I needed space for music and photos. I have a 60GB iPod and if it ever crashes, I don't want to spend a week putting all my CDs back on it. I also needed a back up for this laptop as well. It came with Express HD version 1.0.196.


I have been reading through some of these posts and cannot seem to find the info I need. My problem is that I cannot manually delete any restore points. It deletes them on the interface but when I start it up again, they are right back where they were?? I want to delete them because they have the yellow icon and had problems which I fixed.


Any advice on how to get the points to stay off? I appreciate it very much.


Thanks and God bless,


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