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Error 206; atra.c assertion; does it even work?!?

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Has anyone even gotten Retrospect 5.x to work with the PowerBook Titanium combo drive (Matshita/Panasonic CW-8121 Version AA12) with CD-RW media under MacOS X? This is ridiculous! I spent


$170 to upgrade to Retrospect v. 5.x and have yet to be able to use it. I'm up to version 5.0.205 and


MacOS v 10.1.4, and still it doesn't work. And for the $170, I can't even call support?!? The only


thing that keeps me from asking for my money back is the hope that Dantz will finally make this thing


work. I had such a wonder experience with prior versions. It saved my butt on more than one occassion. But between the steep upgrade cost, the lack of support, and the fact that I can't even get this version to work, Dantz has used up all that good faith.




Dantz's own compatability page states that this drive is supported and does NOT mention anything


about it not supporting CD-RW media. Yet with CompUSA media and two different kinds of TDK CD-RW media, Retrospect always kicks out the disk with error 206 (dirty heads). Toast works OK and can


write to the media. Retrospect seems to be able to erase the media, but as soon as it tries to write:


BAM. Error 206. It makes me wonder if ANYONE has gotten this to work on this drive EVER?




And now, to add to the joy, I've got this when I tried to quit the program:




Internal Consistency check failed.


Assertion check at atra.c - 1180




At least I was spared the elem.c assertion failure...





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Just for the hell of it, I tried backing up under Mac OS 9 (9.2). It doesn't work there either (!) although, the error message is different. Instead of error 206 immediately upon writing to the CD-RW disc, I get this immediately upon writing:




Error 100 (device rejected command)




So... version 5.x doesn't work under OS 9 or OS X on an explicitly supported drive! Just how did Dantz determine that this device was supported?!?



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Interesting. Then perhaps you should say so on the "Apple Optical Storage Device Compatability" page where it is listed as supported _without qualification_. See your own web site at:








Specifically, here is the text. Note that this is particularly misleading as _this_ page, which implies it _is_ supported fully, is linked to from the Dantz home page!




PowerBook G4 Titanium (December 2001)








Note how there are no qualifications saying that CD-RW is not supported. Had I but know this earlier, I could have saved a lot of trouble, though I also might not have bought the upgrade. :(




-- Mike

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Panasonic CW-8121 (Apple) drive




Due to potential dataloss issues with this drive, the minimum supported drive firmware revision is AA21. This firmware revision (or later) is on drives included with the currently shipping PowerBook G4 computers new as of 11/2002. Firmware revision AA21 addresses a serious dataloss defect where used discs will have an "erased" status and drastically


improved performance when used with Retrospect. Dantz is working closely with Apple in regards to availability of the AA21 updater for earlier PowerBook G4 computers.

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Dantz has worked very closely with Apple to improve Retrospect support for optical storage devices that ship with your Macintosh hardware.


Now available on the Dantz website are Apple firmware updates for the MATSHITA CW-8121 Combo Drive and MATSHITA UJ-815 SuperDrive.


The Apple CW-8121 firmware updater is for customers with earlier versions of the PowerBook G4. It updates the CW-8121 pre -AA21 firmware to AA21. The Apple CW-8121 firmware update requires Mac OS 9 to update.


The Apple UF-815 firmware updater is for customers with earlier versions of the PowerBook G4 with pre-D0CB firmware. It updates the UJ-815 firmware to D0CB. The Apple UJ-815 firmware update requires Mac OS X to update.




Download info and critical upgrade directions are found at the following URL:



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