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Retrospect 7: Data Grooming


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In 6.5, in order to have a backup set contain only the latest version of files, and not retain copies off deleted files, one must do a Recycle backup.




In version 7, is there a way to use "data grooming" so that a backup set never contains more than 1 version of each file and files that no longer exist are not backed up?

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You can have it groom to a optimal number of total backups, but if free disk space exists, it won't groom the data. It only grooms if disk space is needed.



an option is needed to force grooming.

it's too time consuming to use recycle backup each time.

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I have Retrospect Professional Version 7.0.249 and get the error message:


Grooming Backup Set TerryMyDocuments failed, error -2249 (could not find session)


Grooming had worked fine for days, now I get this message.


Overall retrospect has 1.6 GB (2700 files) to backup to a 7 GB area (disk capacity is 15GB). Currently there is 19 MB left. Options set to "Groom to Retrospect defined policy"


Thanks for any hints or help,



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