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restore in XP failed to correct registry error


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I am a new user of Windows XP and Retrospect Express on a new Sony system. I did a full system backup on purchase of the software. Shortly thereafter, I have now experienced a crash of my operating system (Windows XP Home). The operating system registry of user profiles apparently was corrupted. I had partitioned the disk into a C partition for programs, and an E partition for data files. The C partition contains the windows directory. I attempted a full restore, replacing everything in the C drive from the backup, and still can't get the operating system to boot correctly. It will only allow me to login under a temporary account, and anything I attempt to do, such as create new users to replace the old user configuration files is lost on shutting down the system.




Also, each time I try to access Retrospect Express, the software scripts for a re-installation of the program, requiring use of the install disk and the like.




I can't tell if the version of the registry that I backed up somehow has a corruption in it or not. The computer ran perfectly until last night, and the last full system backup was done on April 15, so I am inclined to think that the registry became corrupted last night, and that for some reason I simply cannot over-write it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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