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Disaster Recovery


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I am running Retrospect Express 6.5.342 under Windows XP. I am a novice with this product, and have a couple of likely simple questions.


About 6 months ago I backed up my system using the "All Files" option into "Backup Set A" (The backup device is a Western Digital Firewire drive). I then created the Disaster Recovery CD successfully. I have now done a later total system backup into a different Backup Set, "Full System Backup". "Backup Set A" is no longer available. Do I need to make another Disaster Recovery CD, or will I be given the option of using a different Backup Set ("Full System Backup") during the restore? If I am not given the option, can I rename the "Full System Backup" and it's catalog to "Backup Set A" and still use the old Disaster Recovery CD (My OS and hardware environment haven't changed)?


One more question. How does one test out the Disaster Recovery CD without wiping out my system? I can reboot the CD and go to the point of selecting to build the temporary Windows XP system. I just don't know how to feel confident that all would go well in case of a real disaster.

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You don't need to recreate the DR CD. As long as the hardware or Windows Service pack version have not changed you will be able to use DR with any backup set.


You can see if the DR CD is bootable but I wouldn't go much farther than that. If you have a spare hard drive around you could temporarily swap out your main hard drive and run the full DR.




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