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Couldn't Open Catalog FIle.., error - 1019(not enough resources)

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Here's the setup.

2.4 Ghz Server win2k with 1 GB RAM and brand new RAID 5 drive array with

C:= 25/22 GB free GB

D:=443 GB/443 GB Free

Page file min/max = 4095/4095



Installed 3 new 250 GB drives and recreated RAID 5 array with C:&D: partitions. I have a 222 GB backup file on a maxtor 250 GB external drive from which I am trying to do the restore to the D: partition on the server. When I open the .RBF file on the external 250 GB drive I get:


"Couldn't open Catalog File ...., error - 1019(not enough resources)."


I've read the posts that say retrospect needs large amounts of contigous space but what does that mean? I'm I supposted to keep buying bigger and bigger drives as my storage grows? If that's the answer tell me what size drive to get to restore my 222 GB .RBF.


I fought with the DR creation all night since the .ISO is bigger than 650 MB and finaly found the answer with upgrading to the latest ver. So just how long have I been thinking that DR would work and it wouldn't. This is not making me feal good about the product.


Which one of these icons shows a sleepy tech?




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What do you mean when you say "try to open the file"? Are you just clicking on it or using it in a restore operation in Retrospect? It its a restore, what kind of restore are you doing and how many (number, not size) files are involved?




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