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Proactive Backup Runs Repetitively

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We have several proactive backups set up for client computers on our network. We swapped out some machines in the last few weeks and we installed the Retrospect client on all of the new machines and added them all to the same back up source groups as the old clients were, and everything seems to be running fine exept this one client.


For some reason, since earlier this week when we added them all back, this one client runs a proactive back up every five minutes. The client has two sub-volumes defined and they are backed up in two different proactive back up sets, and this happens in both sets. In one set, it backs up two files over and over again, each time, and in the other one, it backs up nothing, again, over and over again.


What do I need to do to correct this? Any ideas?

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I would start by uninstalling the client, rebooting and then reinstalling it.

Also, Remove the client from the Retrospect clients database and then restart Retrsospect. After that log the re-installed client in and try the backup again.




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