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Sony DVD Drive not recognising DVD disks


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Hi I'm having trouble with DVD recognition.

I've got a Sony DRU 700a and Sony DRU 720a

I have two machines. The first machines runs backups on both drives no problems for both CD-R and DVD-R.

The second machine runs backups on CD-R disks no problem.


The issue I have is that neither drive recognises DVD disks on the second machine. When I put a DVD disk in Retrospect thinks it's a CD-R.


* I have tried Imation DVD-R, Verbatum DVD-R, Imation DVD+R.

* I'm running 6.5.350 on both machines.

* I'm running the latest driver updates on the faulty machine.

* I have tried ASPI thingee

* I have tried playing with the hidden options.

* I have tried removing totally Easy CD creator was previously installed.

* I have put each drive individually on the secondary IDE controller and hard coded master setting.

* I have made about 20 coasters :-(

* The machine recognises DVD-R and +R on the windows operating system.

* It also recognises -R and +R in Nero.

* Retrospect is the only program that seems to be having this issue.

* I have tried with Nero installed and without Nero

* I have tried with and without InCD installed

* Oh I have also updated the firmware on both drives to the most recent version.


I'm running Win XP Pro.


Could anyone suggest what I can try next?



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