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deleted trial version


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After installing the 30 Day trial Express Version 5.6, shortly aftwards, at times, when I would load Retrospect trial version, it would load and freeze up. I thought, maybe, something in this trial program had gotten corrupted or it was not properly installed; I removed the program through add/remove as a first troubleshooter. It is pass the 30 days of the original download; but, I want to re-install the program to try it out some more. When I try to reinstall the trial version from the previous trial version download, it will not install. I get an error messge that says "??? has caused an error in ???" and will now close, something like this. I have even re-downloaded the trial version a couple of times and tried to install it; but I cannot get it installed due to error messages and the install will not proceed. I read that Dantz has a 30 day refund guarantee on its products. Is there something that I need to do to get the trial version re-installed again or just purchase the Express version and try the program out again this way? And will I have problems installing the purchased licensed version, since I could not get the trial version re-installed?




I attempted to call Dantz on the phone, several times, but could not get through. I sent them email twice and received no response. But, I still want to try this program again, because I think the trial version got corrupted somehow either during download or installation. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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If you are receiving errors when installing Retrospect 5.6, complete the


following steps:




1. Move your Retrospect preferences files (config55.dat and config55.bak)




your Windows desktop. These are located in the Retrospect folder at Program






2. Uninstall Retrospect 5.5 from Add/Remove Programs, or by using the 5.5






3. Open Regedit by typing "Regedit" into the DOS prompt, or start it from


the Run menu.




4. Search for and delete any registry keys and folders containing "Retro".


Do not worry about any lagecy registry entries.




5. Reinstall Retrospect 5.5




6. Return the above config55.dat and config55.bat files to the Retrospect







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Thank you for your reply. You did not address the issue that I inquired about regarding reinstalling the trial version or installing the purchased version. Your information reflects as if I already have the purchased version installed and was having problems with it. I asked if I could reinstall the trial version since I removed it because I thought there was a problem with it.




1 Or should I go ahead and install the purchased version, since there is a 30 day money back guarantee?




2. And will I have any problems installing the purchased version since I had uninstalled the trial version?

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Actually I did address your issue. This is for the trial version as well. If you have problems installing the trial or the full version you still do the same thing.




If you purchase the full version you will still have to do the steps outlined above before you will be able to install (more than likely). Yes we do offer a money back guarantee!

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