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disk full error 1115


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Hi, I am new to retrospect and my first 7 or so backups went flawlessly, but since then I am unable to complete a backup--it tells me my disk is full --error 1115, even though according to its properties I am only using 60 out of 160 gb with 100 free...and the copy I am making is much less than that...It continues to give me the error despite changing settings, duplicatevsbackup, etc.


Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you,


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How much space is the backup set to use? You can check in the configure->backup sets->%backup set name%->properties->members tab.


you may just want to start again:

In the backup set properties->options tab select "recycle" from the media options list. Then go to the members tab and delete any existing members. Once that is done run another backup, select the maxtor disk as a member and make sure you tell it to use 99% of the disk.




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