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Client on MS XP System stops working...

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Anyone else seen this problem :




I am using 5.6 Desktop from a Win2000 machine (named GATE) backing up to DAT -- works great locally, and to other networked (via Retrospect Client SW) 1)Win98, 2)Win2000 Laptop (Wireless or wired), and 3) MS XP Professional (named XP).




However, after about 3 days of backups (I backup every day at 11:50 PM), I receive a backup error message from the Desktop software -- can't find host XP (Name of the MS XP machine). I can ping the XP machine from GATE. I can ping XP from GATE. From within the Retrospect Desktop program (on GATE), trying to get stats on XP fails -- can't find XP. Note, I can see the other clients fine.




My workaround is to login XP, goto Control Panel, Admin, services, and restart the Retrospect XP service. This will work for about 3 or 4 days.




This really seems like a software bug. Any guidance on how to report this problem as it appears you have to open a support incident to contact technical support?









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