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Weird issue with Retrospect 7


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Recently upgraded to Retrospect 7 from 6.5. Until recently I was backing up to a tape drive but I'm slowing transitioning to a different set up; but right now I'm backing up to another hard drive.


My scheduled back-ups have gone fine. Retrospect has had no problem there. BUT..when It's done backing up I'm left with a Retrospect requester window asking me to make sure that the media is available for my next scheduled back-up. Now this is pretty annoying as the hard drive has plenty of space left and Retrospect just backed up to it. So it should know that the media is ready.


Now I figured perhaps there is some means to turn this message off, but if I press "Check Media" instead of "Exit" in that requester; Retrospect tells me that media is unavailable! So I guess this is why the message comes up in the first place asking me to make a selection. But the program just backed up to the media without issue; why does it suddenly tell me it's unavailable? If I attempt to validate the script; I get the same message.


What gives?



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