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Question 1: Is there any competition out there for Retrospect Express on the Mac?




Question 2: What's the point of buying a new, fast drive if the software for backing up doesn't function with that drive?




As many of you know already (if you've communicated with support from Dantz, LaCie or, for that matter, Roxio.....) many new CD-R drives are incompatible with Express. According to at least one of these support entities (not necessarily Dantz's...) Dantz hasn't approved a new CD-R for a year, at least.




Frankly, as a consumer who's handed out cash money to each of these companies and who simply wants a backup solution that works for a change, I'm tired of these companies (1) giving no answers, vague excuses and simple "can't help you"s and (2) continuing to send me snail mail & email that touts the grand solutions ... which don't work on my nice new drive. None of them seem the least bit interested in cooperating. Sure, the list of "approved" drives is seemingly endless. But how NEW are these approved drives. And are any of the new Mac approved drives from manufacturers other than those that service Apple directly?


The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Lube

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This is actually not accurate Dantz releases driver updates for Macintosh and Windows on a regular basis. These Driver Updates contain new device drivers for tape and CD-R drives.




Retrospect supports CD-R drives as fast as the Yamaha CRW3200FX/IX 24x10x40x drive.




The Dantz hardware search engine contains a complete list of supported devices.





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