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Retrospect 7 - Invalid Handle (-1100) Error

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Have deployed small business server with Retrospect 7 on my Dell workstation, with approximately 10 clients (9 Dell and one Mac G5) to backup. About half of the attempted backups have produced the error -1100, "Invalid Handle." The error has happend to Dells and the Mac. I can't find reference to this error anywhere except for its description, and can't think of any way to overcome the issue. Thanks in advance...

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Hi, Nate.


My backup device is a 250 GB Iomega NAS hard drive, connected via ethernet. Half the clients seem to be backing up fine. The other half report the following errors...


Can't access Backup Set Networks 18, error -1100 (invalid handle)

Can't save Backup Set Networks 18, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)

3/7/2005 3:30:36 AM: Execution incomplete


I can't say for certain if the errors are due to the drive, which is brand new, or some kind of error with the clients.


Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks very much...



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I have heard from a few people with Iomega NAS devices. Make sure you have the newest OS installed for the NAS device.


The problem with smaller NAS devices in general is that they have a proprietary OS that emulates a windows or mac file server. Unfortunately the emulation is not always perfect so you can run into trouble like this. Normally updates in the OS are required to resolve the problem completely.




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