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Retrospect HD and XP Media Center 2005 problem


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Ijust replaced my 4 year old puter with a Dell Dimension 8400 with XP Media Center Edition2005 (MCE) as my OS. This is a subset of XP Pro.


A few weeks ago, I purchased a Maxtor OneTouchII and it worked fine on my old puter. The duplicates of my prior hard drives has been invaluable in setting up the new machine.


I installed the OneTouch/Retrospect HD on the new machine, and set up a schedule without problems after making a basic backup.


Two days ago, Retrospect HD suddenly stopped working on the 8400. Restore was greyed out, no restore points were indicated, and "Setup" could not be accessed. Bummer!!! This seemed to conincide with my setting up the MCE to receive and record TV from my cable source?


After scouring Maxtor's website and Datnz' website, uninstalling and reinstalling the Maxtor and Dantz software/drivers, some cursing and lot's of frustration, I finally gave up and called Maxtor.


A helpful expert tech was called in by the basic tech and he told me that XP MCE 2005 was not supported for the Onetouch by Maxtor. He said that there was a problem with .net Framework and MCE 2005 and Onetouch/Dantz Retrospect HD, and had me install Dantz Retrospect Express 6.0. This seems to work.


Now, if you have stayed with me so far, I have some questions and comments.


1. Everything was working on my older XP Pro computer with .net Framework.


2. I really liked the simplicity of the Retrospect HD(R-HD) that comes with the OnetouchII!!!!Sure would like to be able to use it.


3. Has the problem with XP MCE OS surfaced yet on the forum or with Dantz?


4. Any suggestions on how to get Retrospect-HD to work with my OS?


5. Is Retrospect Express 6.0 supported by Dantz? How do I get upgrades?

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With regard to your last question:


5. Is Retrospect Express 6.0 supported by Dantz? How do I get upgrades?




The answer is rather ambiguous. Doing a search on the forum is very difficult. Here are two references to your question:








Re: Any updates available for OEM versions of Express? [Re: ATHiker]


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Here is a question similar to yours and the answer as given by Nate:








I just bought a one touch Maxtor bundled with retrospect express 6.0.


1) Is this the latest version of Retrospect and if not , am I entitled to free upgrade?




2) How do I select specific folders on C: for backup?












The latest full version of Retrospect for Windows is 6.5. Retrospect Express is not available for upgrades so you would need to purchase an upgrade to Retrospect professional.




To select individual folders, highlight the C drive and click the subvolume button. Then click define.












Dantz upgrade to Retrospect Express 6


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I received today by email this message:






Your Maxtor external hard drive is powered by EMC Dantz Retrospect backup and recovery software. For a limited time, receive significant savings when you upgrade your Retrospect software. As an added bonus, download our free whitepaper to learn how to customize backups with your Maxtor OneTouch button.










Windows upgrades allow you to:




• Protect additional desktops and notebooks in your home and home office computer network. Retrospect automatically adjusts backups to protect all your computers without manual efforts.


• Back up a server-class computer with a cost-effective, easy-to-manage alternative to tape drives and autoloaders.






So Nate says Retrospect Express cannot be updated. On the other hand I have Retrospect Express 6.0.222 and I am the one who received the offer to update to Version 6.5, for a price of course. You figure it out.







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