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Sorry, client networking is unavailable. Check TCP/IP settings. Error

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I just installed 6.5 multiserver on win2k adv server.

When I select add clients, I get the above error.


I have internet access. I tired a Linksys eth card and a D-link eth card.

I updated drivers for 6.5


Not sure what I am doing wrong or what is not configured correctly.

Any help?

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Yes I can see "default" interface.

If I add a new one I get the same results. I get the error immediatly. It doest even try to look for a connection. I am using an older Imation Travan drive which I am told my Imation is only supported through retrospect. I cant get NTbackup to even recognize the drive.


So I am stuck with retrospect and trying to troubleshoot this error or get a new drive.


It seems like and easy problem but I can not find a solution. Thanks for your help.



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