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Retrospect 7 - shut down computer?


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I'm running Retrospect 7 Professional on a Windows XP Pro SP 2 computer. Retrospect is set to backup the computer each night with a single script to an Iomega Rev drive. Retrospect is set to "shut down" at the end of the backup. At the time of the backup, the computer is on with no users logged in. The backups run fine, and Retrospect shuts down. Is there a way for Retrospect to also shut down the computer at the completion of the backup or do I need to use the Windows Task Scheduler?





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The shutdown feature should be shutting down the machine. In the Retrospect preferences set the look ahead time to one hour. Then schedule a test script to run 5 minutes from now. Does the machine shut down after this script?


Are there any other apps you can see that are preventing the shutdown?




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