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Does Retrospect have an option to do a TRUE restore?


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Retrospect 6.5 does not do TRUE restores.

A TRUE restore is a restore in which ALL selected files are restored whether or not Retrospect believes the files is already present.


Recently, I've had to do several "Restore Entire Volumes".

Retrospect does NOT restoe all files, only the ones Retrospect "thinks" have changed.


A mechanism is needed to force ALL files t o be restored.


Is there such an option?


Otherwise, one has to first manually delete the files before the restore.


Just because a file has the same size and other attributes does not guarantee that it is the same as a backed up file.


There needs to be a means to do a TRUE restore without having to manually delete extant files,

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Howard, I second that motion.


I have had at least two occasions where something had trashed my Creative EAX Surround Mixer and doing a restore with Retrospect V6.5 did not fix the problem until I had deleted all the files on the volume first and run the restore again.


Either Retrospect needs a better method of determining which files have been changed or it needs to have the option to force a restore everything.


Carl E. Johnson

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