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Retrospect Express Errors.... can't get it to work.


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I bought a Maxtor 300GB external drive yesterday. The Dantz Retrospect Express software is not working. After loading it (before drive is connected), I get this error message: "Fatal execution error (0x7927baca).



If I then click "O.K.", I get the following message: "Application has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process id=0x280(640), thread id=ox2b8(696)." It then says to cancel to bebug. When I choose "cancel," I get the this message:


"Registered JFT debugger is not available. An attempt to launch JIT debugger with the following command resulted in an error code of 0x2(2). Please check computer settings. Cordbg.exe!a 0x2.80



I am running Windows XP SP2.


I uninstalled the program and reininstalled it. Same problem. I then unistalled the Maxtor software (it is not working right either - it does not unlock the drive - or, rather, it does but then it immediately re-locks itself. I cannot browse it from My Computer). I tried Dantz software alone. Same problem.


I am not concerned about the Maxtor software not working. I just unistalled it and the drive works like any other drive. I can drag and drop to it, etc., just fine. But it sounds like the Dantz software would be very useful.


I am not a PC whiz by any stretch of the imagination so if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it if they reply in plain Enlgish as much as possible for this PC challenged person.


Thanks in advance. smile.gif

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I know this won't be much help to you, but I've had the exact same errors on 2 different machines. Dantz says it's some sort of .net problem and a fix may be forthcoming either from Dantz or Microsoft. In the meantime, there's no way to use the software.


In the meantime, you can keep the Maxtor part of the software and use the drive as just another hard drive by dragging and dropping files or using other backup software. I've used the WIndows Backup utility without any problem.



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Hell Zone3- Sam is referring to .NETFRAMEWORK which can be downloaded from Microsoft's website. I presently have .Netframework 1.1 but I believe 2.0 is available or will soon be available. Sometimes this program becomes corrupted and will not support programs as required. Microsoft has a repair tool also but I would request the cd.

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