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File System-Error -1121 reading files during duplicate. Why???


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I am very frustrated because of illogical errors, the "don'tknowledebase" and the search function of this.


I am using retrospect 6.5.350 with windows XP SP2 with backups normally. Now I tried a "duplicate" on a hard disc and constantly get an error "-1121 problems reading file (unknown file system)"


This is illogical since NTFS is know, files can be read in the backup mode, the target drive was used for backups just recently.


Moreover I am angry about informations here:

- the knowledgebase lists the errors but don't give informations or help about them

- it is not possible to search for the error codes since the "-" will be interpreted as a "NOT" though delivering thousands of hits. No quoatation marks will be recognized to search "file system" or something like that.


Hey, you give me constantly a tough time Dantz/EMC...I am wondering why I stick to retrospect. Masochism?

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