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Exchange Database Connection Issue

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I am using Retrospect Multi Server Version 6.5.336, OEM Edition. I am attempting to backup an exchange database on a different server. I am able to create the client (and backup the other volumes). When I license the exchange database and use the login it does not give me an error, but the icon remains dim. If I attempt to memorize mailboxes I get a -523 (Service Transaction Error) and am told that Retrospect cannot communicate with Exchange. When I view the log this is what I get.


T-2: Failure to initialize MAPI, Result 0xffffffff, HR 0x80040605.

T-2: main: transaction terminated by PDS exception

Retrospect error code error -523 (service transaction error)

Reported by function mbttkTestLogin

T-2: Failure to initialize MAPI, Result 0xffffffff, HR 0x80040605.


These are the things I have done so far:

Forgot the client in Retrospect. Re-installed the client software on the server and rebooted. Created the client in Retrospect again. Reviewed the Dantz Knowledge Base for error -523 and found an article that claims the issue is fixed under the version I am running.


Any help would be appreciated.




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I had a similar problem except the error would come up even when I wasn't backing up exchange.


At about the same time my exchange system manager program started acting funny. I reinstalled exchange and everything was back up and running again.


According to the microsoft error utility the 0x80040605 error means



A google search for that error should give some clues.




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