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Server Disk-to-Disk 7.0 fails with -105


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I'm backing up a drive to two UNC "shared Volume" members across the network. It has always worked with Retrospect professional 6.5. A few days ago I upgraded to 7.0 "Disk-to-Disk". Now I get "Device Trouble Error -105 Unexpected end of data" in an incremental backup as it's about to start copying data to the 2nd member (the first member is full from the original backup). The 2nd member is on a fully accessible disk, and I heard the heads move and saw the disk light flash just prior to the error. There are no security issues with the UNC share. This disk has some 40% free space left. Every reference I can find on this website to this error number refers to tape drives and/or CDs. Each subsequent backup attempt now asks me to specify a new member, and the only way I can prevent this happening is to copy back the old catalog file before trying again. I'm not willing to add another member when the current member's disk has scores of gigabytes free (and this free space is recognised in the backup set properties member tab). I assume backups originally made with 6.5 can be added to with 7.0 without having to perform another full backup (other backups (all with one member) have worked ok).


Any ideas?


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