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Automatically open Dantz firewall ports on Windows XP SP-2


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It used to be that on Windows machines that were running Service Pack 1 or earlier, (not Service Pack 2) you could have the Dantz installer automatically open the necessary TCP/UDP firewall port 497 when you installed the client software.




If you enabled the firewall on SP-1 after having the Dantz client installed and wanted to open the necessary firewall ports, you could run a Retrospect utility to enable client communication through the firewall: "retfwset.exe" utility, found in the Retrospect client directory (by default C:\Program Files\Dantz\Client)




Here is a link to the original Knowledge Base Article:




Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall





With the changes made in Windows XP Service Pack 2, this nice Dantz utility would no longer work, and you had to manually add the TCP/UDP port 497 to the firewall exeptions list.




Here is a link to the original Knowledge Base Article:




Using Retrospect with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2





The Dantz client software has already been installed on the machines and I'd like to have the same, easy functionality as running the "retfwset.exe" utility like in Service Pack 1, thus not having to manually add an exeption rule to each and every computer.




So my questions are:



Would a re-install of the client software enable the firewall exception and open the ports on XP SP-2?


Does the "retfwset.exe" utility work on Service Pack 2?



We're not using Retrospect 7.0 yet, so the following doesn't yet apply.




Retrospect 7 users


If you install Retrospect 7.x or the Retrospect 7.x Client software on a PC running Service Pack 2, the install process will open the necessary network ports. No additional action should be required.




Adding these rules manually to multiple computers can become a chore, and we're not using an Active Directory domain, so we don't have the power/complexity of using Group Policity to manage our firewall settings. Does anyone know of a way to automatically open the necessary ports for Retrospect on machines running Service Pack 2?

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