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Snapshot on C drive and not on backup drive


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I'm trying to back up my laptop hard disk to an external hard drive so I can swap out the old hard disk (which is going fritzy) for a new one. I backed up and it said it completed the process though with errors. When I looked at the error log they were all nonessiential files I don't mind losing. However when I try to restore to the new hard drive, it can't find a snapshot. When I put the old hard disk in and go into the restore option the snapshot pops right up. How can I get the snapshot to show on the back up external hard disk? It looks like it exists only on the drive I'm trying to back up and not making it to the backup file.

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You first have to prepare your HD (Partition if necessary, and format.


Install your operating system.




You then have to recreate your catalog on the new drive.


Open Retrospect


Click on Tools.


Click Repair Catalog.


Select Recreate from disks, OK.


Click All Disks




If you need further instructions, I can copy them from my manual. But you should have this on your manual.

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