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Can snapshots get senile?


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Hello there!

Perhaps someone with better understanding of snapshots can help....

here is the scenario:

After moving Catalog files from one location to another (same server, same drive just the differenet folder) I have edited all the script to point to catalogs in the new location.

Strange side effect is that when ever my backups run I see the log relfecting that

"No files need to be backup up....snapshot is stored..."

and not a single file is copied. I run a normal weekly backup and I am very sure that files have been modifed...

Should I delete the catolog files and re-create them or am I missing something obvious?

Thank you all!

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I would doublecheck the sources in your backup. They may not be what you think they are set to.


If you are using a selector, make sure the selector is still accurate for the new volume. You might want to try a backup with the all files selector.


As a test, create a new file on your disk and run a backup again. Is that file marked for backup?




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Hi Natew!

I doublechecked the source and all scripts point to use my catalogs located in C:\Retrospect Catalogs...

Some scripts were relfecting that "Can not find media for the script X" although tapes have not been changed

I have even earasesed the tapes,delted the member and added new member (same erased tape)

My volumes have not changed and have selected all the files and subfolders....

The only change that I did on scripts is point to the same catalogs now located on the new location...


log for each volume looks like this:-

2/9/2005 11:04:14 PM: Copying VOLUME on SERVER1

2/9/2005 11:04:14 PM: No files need to be copied

2/9/2005 11:05:48 PM: Snapshot stored, 1,490 KB

2/9/2005 11:05:51 PM: Comparing VOLUME on SERVER1

2/9/2005 11:06:01 PM: Execution completed successfully

Duration: 00:01:46 (00:01:34 idle/loading/preparing)


I will try clearing our suctom selector and see if it makes any differnece....I have a feeling that I might start from the day1

Thanks for help!

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