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Disappearing DLT Drive Retrospect 7

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Running Win2K3 with Retrospect SBS Std 7.0.249 - Benchmark SCSI DLT1 (supported hardware according to Dantz site)


The DLT drive intermittently is unavailable (by checking the Configure/Status) yet is listed in the Configure/Environment tab (Visible through NT Passthrough). In the Env Tab there is no Driver spec'd, but I don't know if there needs to be one. Usually on a restart, the drive becomes available again.


I was using Retrospect 6.5 for a month and upgraded to 7, and did not experience this quirk in 6.5. It doesn't appear to be a hardware issue because the drive does function in other programs.


I really have no idea where to go next, my inclination is to rollback to 6.5 (unfortunately when I made the purchase it was already 7.0 - I had the trial prior to that).


Any Ideas?





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