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Error 102 continues to plauge one customer.


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One of my customers continues to be plagued with this "trouble communicating" message. They are using a Sony AITE90UL AIT USB Tape Drive. Have tried many of the things suggested, and still get the problems.


To date, we've...


- Replaced the USB cable

- Tried a different USB port

- Used different brand of tapes (HP & Sony)

- Used a different USB tape drive before delivering it to another customer

- Installed a new, seperate USB card in the server and hooked tape drive to it

- Hooked the tape drive up to the customer's backup server box


We still get this message about one in 5 times that the backup runs. Funny thing is that most of the time it happens as the backup begins Sometimes it happens near the end of a 20GB backup though.


Something we've noticed is that the tape software doesn't spend long looking for the tape device before erroring out.


If we restart the backup manually, most of the time it runs fine.


After exploring these forums, we talked with Sony, who could provide no more feedback since the error is being reported by the tape software and NOT by the operating system.


So, customer is very frustrated now and we load a copy of Veritas Backup Exec 30 day evaluation version. It has ran 29 straight days with NO problem communicating whatsoever. This tells me that the hardware is working fine and that there is some sort of software issue.


We unloaded Veritas and reloaded Retrospect 6.5.350 and the second night get the following error:


-----Original Message-----

From: customername@qwest.net [mailto:customername@qwest.net]

Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 8:30 AM

To: miles@pcs-spokane.com

Subject: Retrospect notification from SERVER (2/8/2005)



Trouble writing: "1-MONDAY-THURSDAY [006]" (4190568448), error -102 (trouble





I sure hope you guys have some ideas.

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