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Win XP Pro goes to sleep in the middle of a network backup


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I have Retrospect 7 Pro with 3 clients. The backup computer and all clients are Win XP Pro SP2.


All clients are set to suspend after 30 minutes of inactivity.


One client has a lot more data than the others, so when I do a recycle backup for it, it takes more than 30 minutes to complete.


Win XP on that client decides that the PC is inactive after 30 minutes and puts it to sleep, even though there is an ongoing backup!


Any ideas why? How does Windows XP define "inactivity"? Why would the Retrospect client running a backup not be seen as activity? I'd prefer not to have to change or shut off the or suspend function, if possible.


It happened with v6.5 as well, so I doubt this is a version-specific behavior.


Bob Cronin

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Unfortunately the backup does not tickle the activity timer in some cases. As a result the machine can fall asleep during backup.


If your Recycles happen on a set schedule maybe you could use the windows task scheduler on the client machine to keep it awake a bit longer. i.e. shedule a quick scandisk or a windows update or something.




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Do you have any pointers to references which describe how Windows decides the system is inactiive? Could the backupo client be changed to somehow tickle it periodically? It seems difficult to imagine that a lot of disk reading going on would not constitute activity. I'd like to understand this better. In the meantime I'll try your suggestion and schedule some other activity to take place during the interval I expect the backup to be going on (but its going to get a bit tedious to try to arrange that for all my clients), Thank you.


Bob Cronin

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Ok, well, doesn't it seem like a bug (on someone's part, MS and/or Dantz) that an ongoing backup would not be enough activity to keep the machine awake? Is there any possibility that Dantz might accept this issue as their problem and pursue a solution, or am I stuck having to try to convince MS it is their problem?

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