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R7 needs way to save config (without quitting...)


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+ Retrospect version 7.0.249 (MS and Value Pak, so Proactive and other options)

+ Retrospect Update, version

W2K Server SP4

Dual-proc 500MHz PIII, 512M RAM


In another thread I mentioned Retrospect crashing when updating a Client. When it crashed, I lost about a half hour's worth of work (e.g. changing scripts, defining new Disk backup sets, etc.) that I had already set up. So it appears that Retrospect does *not* "save as it goes" by writing the configs out to the relevant config files. I did find that I could make config changes and then quit--the settings would be saved and available the next time R7 is started.


It's *not* adequate that the only way to save the config info is to quit (often not practical when the program is in use as backups are running). Given what I experienced (loss of config setup), R7 needs to save config settings as it goes and/or include a "Save" option to force config settings to be saved to disk.

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