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I have been trying to run Immediate Backup of my C: drive to an exter doh.gif nal hard disk (drive H:). Everything seems to be OK but when I click Backup, I get a message: "Execution incomplete". This error message is NOT listed in the the User's manula. Log displays the following:

+ Executing Immediate Backup at 2/6/2005 9:01 PM

To backup set SONY_C


- 2/6/2005 9:01:43 PM: Copying Drive C (C:)

Not enough disk space for selected files

(short by about 16.7 M).

2/6/2005 9:01:47 PM: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 46497 files, 6.7 GB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute


What is the problem? My drive C: has 16.5 Gb of which about 10 Gb are taken, leaving about 6.5 Gb free. My external drive H: to which I am backing-up has about 150Gb free space. It is NOT definitely drive H: which does not have enough disk space. It appears to me that when backig-up drive C:, Retrospect Express (V.5.6) seems to be creating a temporary set on drive C: before writing it to drive H: Since there is only about 6.5 Gb free on C:, it crashes and complains about "Not enough disk space". Yet there is more than plenty of disk space on H: as well as on several other drives (e.g. D:). Retrospect DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO SELCT WHERE TO PUT TEMPORARY FILES (e.g. drives D:, H: or others).


I have tried to backup SMALLER Backup sets from drives C: and/or D: and everything works fine. From this analysis it follows that Retrospect will backup a drive properly only if it has enough space to create temporary backup file before writing it on the backup media. In another words, if a drive is more than approximately half full, Retrspect will give the "Not enough disk space" message and crash. If I am correct in this interpretation, then RETROSPECT EXPRESS HAS A MONUMENTAL AND COLOSSAL DESIGN FLAW. It should definitely allow the user to select a location for temporary files.


Can anybody help me to solve this miserable problem? I know that I could change the partition sizes, inrease the C: partition and Retro would probably work. But this is NOT a clean solution, this is a MESS! Who wants to screw around with partition sizes when one has many Gb of precious data representing many hours of work and needs to safely back the data? Retrospect is expensive, Dantz prides itself that it is "The Best", yet it has such extremely serious design flaw. I have checked the User's Guide for Version 7. professional (very expensive) and this problem still does not seem to have been solved in it.

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