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Files not being excluded


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Hello everyone!

Perhaps a known issue....my exlusions do not seem to take any effect.

I have set the script to use my custom exclsion of the file -currently logged on user on a server:


Include everyting

But always exclude file name that exactly matches


"\\FILE_SERVER\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat"



but it seems that Rertospect continues to backup ALL files regardless of my selections.

I do not have the Open File licence so I am aware that currently logged on user can not be backup and this is fine...it is more so that I am looking to eliinate errors.

I have also noticed that .MDF and .LDF (SQL DB files) are not being excluded so it seems that none of my exclusions are working.


In hand, and I am not sure if it realtes, it seems that 98% of my snapshopts are "missinfomed"...in other words I am 100% sure that files have changed but Rerto seems to label them as "not modified". I am running normal apending backups.....

Should I delete all the snapshots and start fresh?

Any pointers are much apprechiated.

All the best!

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