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R7 "Catalog File out of sync" into R6.5 File backup


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Running Retrospect 7.0.249, RDU

R7 MS server: W2K SP4 Server, 512M RAM

Client: (6.5.136 or 7.0.106 client): XP SP1 or W2K SP4, 256M RAM


I'm getting a bunch of "Catalog File out of sync" errors,


Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set "JL_RM15_WS1".

To repair it, use Tools>Repair Catalog>Update existing Catalog File.


when using the new R7 to backup into an existing R6.5 File backup set. I've seen it happen with both Client6.5.136 and with Cient7.0.106. I've also had it *not* happen with one Client6.5.136 system, so I can't provide an exact pattern at the moment.


I'm in the process of repairing catalog files (Tools>Repair Catalog>Repair file Backup set. I've never had the "Update existing Catalog File" really fix this) and will be transitioning most of the File backup sets to Disk backup sets.

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If you have been getting asserts during backup, that will leave the catalog file out of sync.


When you upgrade to 7, it is a good idea to start new backup sets. This allows you to take advantage of some new memory changes and other performance changes. If can do a Backup Set Transfer if you do not want to do a full backup to the new set.

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