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Cannot delete from HD?


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This might be just a coincidence, but since around about the time I installed my Maxtor, I have been unable to delete any file from my Hard Disk ! Even with the Maxtor switched off I get "Access Denied: The source file may be in use"......bizarre.

Anyone got any ideas? Or is it really a coincidence?




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I also have this problem. It's driving me nuts. Here is what's happened:


1) restore some files and folders from the external drive to elsewhere. (I am trying to resurrect an old "Favorites" folder.)


2) The "restored" folders and files on the destination disk are effectively not available. I double click on the folder, for example, and I get "XXXXX is not accessible. Access Denied".


Sorry I can't help you, but if anyone else has some ideas, I'd appreciate it. I have opened a problem report with Dantz. We'll see where this gets.



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