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error 1001(unknown windows OS error)


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ya i have looked the windows log on both back up system and the client and i found no errors on both systems.This error started occuring when i added new client to list of backup clients.Remaining all other clients started getting this error.Actually there were 7 clients in the back up list, after adding this new client this error started occuring, so is there any limit in the number of back up clients.Is this error causes any serious problem . Pls pls reply me ASAP.

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I have deleted the most recent client from the client databse, but the problem still exists.I want to show again what the problem is:



trouble matching local disk c: on pradeep to maxtor1... 1001(unknown windows OS error)




here maxtor1 is backup set



please send me reply with some solution

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this is what my retrospect log says about the problem


>>Retrospect version 5.1.132

>>Launched 2/3/2005 8:57 AM

>> Retrospect driver update, version 2.6.106

>>Normal backup using maxtor1 backup at 2/3/2005 1:10PM

>> To Backup set Maxtor1...

>>2/3/2003 1:10: Connected to jackie

>>11/26/2003 7:00:21: Copying DRIVE C (C:) on jackie

>>Trouble matching DRIVE C (C:) on jackie to maxtor1, 1001(unknown windows OS error)

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