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Disaster recovery CD crashes on boot


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I'm running multi Server v6.5 with Disaster Recovery and Proactive backup options enabled.


I've installed the first client on a machine and made a full backup of that machine. (using the machine name not selected volumes so the boot drive is definitely included)


I've made a restore CD from the snapshot and the files from win2k cd inc the license code


Burnt the ISO


Went to restore the machine from the cd, booted from the CD


the installation starts, so the win 2k install screen comes up


Then it falls over with an error


"file \i386\ntkrnlmp.exe cold not be loaded error code 7"


The machine is working fine I've tested this by running my win 2k install cd and that read fine


I've tried burning the disk again in case it was a bad disk, that checks out fine.


I've compared the disk with the Iso and that checks out.


Not sure what to try next




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So you are testing the DR on the same hardware that it was backed up from originally? Did you create the DR disk with Retrospect 6.5.350? Where there any errors on backup of this client machine?


You may want to try creating a new DR CD from a different backup snapshot.




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