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Recovery: Volume & Disaster


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Here are to excerpts from the Retrospect manual that I find interesting and somewhat disappointing. Could you please comment and offer recommendations?


P. 58 Restoring an Entire Volume

NOTE: To prevent the operating system from crashing, the Restore entire volume method does not delete the active Windows system …”


Ed. Note: This means if Windows becomes corrupt or develops a problem, you cannot use Restore Volume and instead must do a Disaster Recovery.


P. 138 Disaster Recovery

There are three situations in which you should create a new Disaster Recovery CD or image:


* If you do a recycle backup to the Backup Set you used to prepare for Disaster Recovery.


Ed. Note: In order to keep Backup Sets from becoming inordinately large, you should periodically recycle them. For example, I recycle mine weekly. According to the manual, I should recreate by Disaster Recovery disk every week. This is a significant inconvenience.



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One cannot restore an OS over the running OS.


There's no need to create a new DR CD just because you do a recylced backup.


You do need to create a new DR CD IF you change the drive on which the OS in which Retrospect is installed lives.


Just last month, I had to do a DR.


I used a DR CD that I created in Nov 2003 using Retrospeect in the OS on the J drive.

The backup set has been recycled many times since then, as well as additional RDUs having been installed.


Indeed, I even restored from a different backup set than the one requested by the dR CD.


You do need to recreare te DR CD if a particular RDU affects your system.

In my case, I have not done so, and apparently I do not need to do so.

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