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Is this a valid backup to a slave drive?


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This is my first attempt at backing up to a hard drive.

My intention is to do away with backups to CD/RWs if possible.


The partition to backup is 1,826,381,824 bytes.


First I created a directory on the slave drive called mycatalogp1.

Backup set name is bujan29jackp1.


Ran Retrospect express pointing the destination to the slave drive and mycatalogp1.

Everything seemed to work fine.

Here are the results from the backup----


In mycatalogp1 on the slave drive--

bujan29jackp1 7,127kb retrospect catalog 1-29-2005


retrospect on the slave drive--

folder bujan29jackp1 file folder 1-29-2005

folder 1-bujan29jackp1 file folder 1-29-2005

aa000000 614,408kb retrospect disk backup set 1-29-2005

aa000001 614,408kb retrospect disk backup set 1-29-2005

aa000002 189,212kb retrospect disk backup set 1-29-2005

aa000003 9,168kb retrospect disk backup set 1-29-2005


Since the partition is 1.70G the backup files are no where near this amount.

Is this because of compression or is there an error????


Thanks for any help,


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