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Retrospect thinks a client is much bigger than it is

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I am using Retrospect 5.0.238 to backup 4 Macs & 1 PC. The Retrospect app resides on an iMac with OS 10.3.7.




Retrospect backs up all of the Macs just fine, and has been backing up the PC fine until recently. Now, when it goes to backup the PC, it says it has 610 G remaining. The PC actually has less than 10 G on it, which I can verify by going to Configure -> Volumes and then browsing the PC.




Not only does it say it has 610 G when it tries to back it up, but if I let it run, the progress bar moves incredibly slowly, as if it really is backing up that much data...I am baffled by it.




The PC is running Windows 2000 SP 4.





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This is a bug in the 5.0 version, that was fixed for the 5.1 release.


It's caused by "finder.dat" files on the PC. If you search for and remove those files on the client, 5.0.238 will scan the client correctly.


Here's a thread from about 3 years ago that talks in depth about the issue:



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