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Retrospect thinkls I have two C drives


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I've posted this question within other threads.

I'll simplify here in the hope of getting a response.


Why, when I use Configure Voilumes does Rtrospect list two C drives, both named "NameC"?

The first is dimmed, the 2nd is not dimmed.


The C drive was recently restored from a Retrospect DR backup.


I ASSuME that I could eliminate the problem by uninstalling, then re-installing Retrospect, but I'd prefer a less drastic solution.

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The dimmed drive is a leftover of your pre-disaster configuration.

Select it and press delete to make Retrospect forget it.



I undersand that, but when I tried to delete a message stated that it was referenced by extant scripts.


I guess I can delete it and fix the scripts.

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I first fixed the script that was referring to the dimmed C drive.

I then deleted the dimmed C drive from My Computer in Configure Volumes.


Alas, that made the C drive vanish from the list of hard drives.


I made several attempts at dragging the C drive from My Computer in Configure Volumes to the Hard Drives group. Would not work, even after I exited and restarted Retrospect.


Being a persistent cuss (yes, I have been called that too!), I kept trying.

Finally, after yet another restart of Retrospect, I was able to drag the C drive to the Hard Drives group.


This should not have been as difficult to do and gives me an uncomfortable feeling about Retrospect's health.

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