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Retrospect is confused!


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As I discussed in other threads recently, I have a 3 hard drive system on which I had to replace Driive 2. Drive 0 and 1 are the same as before.


DRive 0 has C-D

DRive 1 has F-H

Drive 2 has I-M


I restored the files to all drives, except F from BackUpSet1.


Today, after doing some real work, I decided that I'd back up the work to an already existing BackUpSet2.


Alas, Retrospect issued the following error:

Can't access volume Micronc (C:), error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)

Retrospect Professional only supports Open File Backup on Windows XP.


Which is nonesense as Micronc is present and was used today.


Note that if I use REtrospect to Configure volumes, there are TWO MicronC drives listed.

The first is dimmed and the 2nd is OK.


What is the proper way to correct the situtation?


I want to make sure BackUpSet1 and BackUpSet2 are properly configured.


The catalog for BackUpSet1 was recreated AFTER the files were restored, may I ASSuME that BackUpSet1 is OK?


I ASSuME that I could check BackUpSet1 by creating a fiile on drive C and C whether Retrospect backs it up to backupset1.


If not, I have the same problem with backupset1.


What do I need to do?

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