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Backup fails during file compare

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Six computer Network used in a home based business.

Windows XP PRO OS on both Server and Clients.

Retrospect 6.5 with current drivers applied to Server and most recent Client.

Quantum DLT 7000 Tape Drive connected to Adaptec SCSI 29160N on the server



Five of the six clients backup just fine; but the backup fails consistently when comparing the same file on one of the clients.

Log Error is: "didn't compare at offset 244,488 in stream "Data""


Actions to date:

Updated all Retrospect drivers and clients to most recent versions

Updated DLT drive drivers and firmware to most current versions

Performed diagnostics on DLT drive - all passed

Update NIC drivers to most current versions

Performed scandisk several times on affected client


What is frustrating is that the failure is consistent and repeatable (I've made more than a dozen attempts!) - the backup fails when comparing the same file every time and it brings the backup process to a complete halt!


Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Bob Sears

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Probably inproper etiquette to reply to your own post, but it may help someone with the same problem.


I found that replacing my DLT tape drive SCSI cable corrected my problem completely.


Here are my recommendations for someone experienceing this problem:

1. Do a search of the manual and you will find that the quoted error is normally caused by SCSI connection problems.

2. Verify that all your SCSI drivers, bios and firmware are up to date: controller card firmware, OS drivers, card bios.

3. Check your SCSI for damage or misconnection. 4. As a last resort replace your SCSI cable with one that is of the appropriate rating, SCSI, SCSI I, SCSI II, LVD, etc. Use as short a cable as you can; and of as high quality as you can afford.



Hope this helps someone else.


Bob Sears


FWIW I was disappointed with the poor response to my question particularly by the Dantz employees. It reinforced my previous experiences --- good product, mediocre service!

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